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An Interactive Online Conference Series on

‘Sourcing Biospecimens for Industry R&D’

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General Information

This interactive online conference series is focused entirely on challenges and solutions in the ethical sourcing of biospecimens by industry researchers, and is the first of its kind.


This conference series supports the mission of Biosample Hub, which is ‘to connect Biotech and Pharma companies with non-commercial Biobanks, allowing the ethical provision of reliable human biospecimens with full provenance information’.


Each part of the conference series will features webinars, panel discussions, roundtable discussions, and virtual exhibit booths. Parts 1 to 3 were in late 2022. Conferences will continue in April/May 2023. 


Video recordings of webinars from parts 1, 2, and 3 of the conference series are available through the members-only website.

Timeline for conference series

Webinars in 2023

Topics will include:

  • Standard operating procedures to ensure reproducibility
  • Ethical issues in sample procurement by industry
  • Factors that may affect sample delivery time
  • Logistics of sample collection in a hospital setting
  • Procurement of fresh viable tissue
  • The value of non-fungible tokens (NFTs)
  • What kinds of clinical data can be provided routinely?
  • Success stories in biobank collaboration with industry

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Speakers include:

  • Clare Allocca, Senior Advisor for Planning and Outreach at National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), MD, USA
  • Zisis Kozlakidis, Head, Laboratory Services and Biobanking at IARC/WHO, Lyon, France
  • Agnieszka Matera-Witkiewicz, Head of the Wroclaw Medical University Biobank, Wroclaw, Poland
  • Phil Stephens, Professor of Cell Biology, and Cardiff University Biobank academic lead, Cardiff, Wales, UK
  • Valentina Colcelli, Researcher at National Research Council (Italy), Institute CNR-IFAC, Tuscany, Italy
  • Jennifer Byrne, Director of Biobanking at NSW Health Pathology, Professor at The University of Sydney
  • Michael Epis, UWA Bio-Sample Repository Manager, Western Australian DNA Bank, Murdoch, WA, Australia
  • Carol Weil, Consultant, Human Research Protections and Bioethics, Bethesda, MD, USA
  • Birendra Kumar Yadav, Manager, National Liver Disease Biobank, New Delhi, INDIA
  • Nicole Bjorklund, Director, Translational Research & Development at Cohen Veterans Bioscience, New York, USA
  • Donna Wren, Associate General Counsel, Transactions at Synthego Corporation, PA, USA
  • Eric Robinet, Founder and President of Lymphobank, Besançon, France
  • Isabel Novoa Garcia, Director, Vall d’Hebron Institute of Research (VHIR) Biobank, Barcelona, Spain
  • Adaeze (Odili) Oreh, Country Director of Planning, Research, and Statistics at National Blood Service Commission, Nigeria
  • Georges Dagher, Visiting Professor at Università degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca, Italy, and Emeritus Director, INSERM, France
  • Daniel Uribe, CEO of, Palo Alto, CA, USA
  • Chon Boon ENG, Director, NUH Tissue Repository and Hospital-based Cancer Registry, Singapore
  • Constantinos Deltas, Professor of Genetics, University of Cyprus Medical School, Cyprus
  • Joseph Mfutso Bengo, Professor of Bioethics, Dept. of Health Systems and Policy, University of Malawi
  • Warren Fransman, Senior Manager of the FIND Specimen Bank, Cape Town, S. Africa
  • Imane El Idrissi, Specimen Bank Associate of the FIND Specimen Bank, Cape Town, S. Africa
  • Anna Codina Bergadà, Bióloga en Hospital Sant Joan de Déu, Barcelona, Spain
  • Jenny Pham, Program Director, Biorepository & Laboratory Services,Clinical and Translational Science Institute, University of Minnesota
  • Séverine Tabone-Eglinger, Directrice Scientifique et Référente RGPD, Centre Léon Bérard, Lyon, France