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Founded in 2003, Modul-Bio specializes in computer solutions for biological sample management with the implementation of barcode systems, Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) and collaborative tools for sharing biological sample collections.

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Based in Marseille – France, Modul-Bio has recorded consistent growth, deploying solutions for Biological Resource Centres, national cohort projects, biotechnology and cosmetics firms as well as diagnostic companies. Boasting expertise in computing and biology, the company has earned the recognition of commercial clients, academic clients and hospitals.

Modul-Bio is a key player on the biobanking software market.

With more than 20 years of existence, Modul-Bio figure with over 250 laboratories using its solutions, making it a key player on the biobanking software market.

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At Cache, we specialize in preserving molecular biospecimens, ensuring their integrity for decades. Tired of -80°C freezer maintenance and shipping on dry ice? Our room-temperature storage solution for DNA and RNA sets us apart as the go-to choice for biobanks and biorepositories seeking scalability, sustainability, and standardization.

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Transitioning to ambient nucleic acid storage is a strategic investment in the future of multiomic research. With impactful financial benefits, sample integrity over many decades, and compatibility with automated workflows, Cache’s technology provides a comprehensive solution to modern laboratory challenges, offering flexibility to downstream assays and logistics.

Fresh from presenting our latest research at ISBER and ACMG, we invite you to experience the future of biosample management. Join leading researchers around the globe, and — for a limited time — request a free demo kit today at

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One-Pager on Caching Nucleic Acids

Case Study on Nucleic Acid Encapsulation

Slide Presentation by Organick et al