‘Sourcing Biospecimens for Industry R&D’

Sponsorship Opportunities

General Information

Sponsorship Items

There are a variety of sponsorship opportunities available in the ‘Sourcing Biospecimens for Industry R&D’ conference series. There are individual sponsorship items, and also packages of benefits at three different levels: Gold, Silver, and Bronze. 

The Audience

A high proportion of the audience will be industry representatives, including scientists from biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies. This is based on an assessment of the 1,400+ people who registered their interest on the LinkedIn Event page. Over 226 people have registered to attend the meeting through this conference website (as of the 14th October), and approximately 80% are industry representatives.

Plans for 2023

This year we aim to hold our first conference in April / May. Sponsorship details will be announced shortly. Any questions should be sent to admin@biosamplehub.org