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For sample procurement with traceability

We connect researchers in industry to relevant hospital biobanks 


Biobank Members

How we work

Web Platform

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The web platform includes noticeboards, directories and other resources. It also allows direct communication between members. The platform makes it possible for members to interact, either by searching directories or posting requests. Admin support is always available to facilitate operations.

Global Operations

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Biosample Hub is global in its operations. It connects providers and requesters of human biospecimens from around the world. Members are from North and South America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Australasia. Biosample Hub is a not-for-profit company, registered in the UK.

Diverse Samples

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Access a comprehensive range of medical conditions and sample types from diverse global populations. Obtain infectious diseases, cancers, disorders of all body systems, and more, along with normal tissues, body fluids, umbilical cord blood, and microbiome samples. Samples vary in storage format, processing methods, and collection type.


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The not-for-profit status of Biosample Hub matches the non-commercial biobanks it serves. This provides users with confidence that high ethical standards will prevail on the platform.


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Biosample Hub allows transparent interaction between the provider and the requester of clinical samples. It also offers financial transparency, since financial records are publicly available.


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Sample traceability is central to the operation of Biosample Hub, since the platform works by placing the provider and requester of clinical samples in direct contact with each other. It is vitally important for scientific quality control, as well as legal and ethical compliance. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Not-For-Profit?

There are strong arguments for organising procurement of human biospecimens along non-commercial lines. See: Nuffield Council on BioEthics entitled ‘Human tissue: ethical and legal issues’ pages 50 to 53. Furthermore, commercial interests often lead to reduced sample traceability, which has ethical and scientific consequences (Hofman et al, 2017).

Where is Biosample Hub?

Biosample Hub operates online and globally. Members are from North and South America, Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Australasia. The company behind Biosample Hub is registered in the UK.

What is the mission of Biosample Hub?

To connect Biotechs and Biobanks directly, for sample sharing with traceability

What does Not-For-Profit mean?

Biosample Hub is a ‘company limited by guarantee, without share capital’. So we have no shareholders. Moreover, in the articles of incorporation, we specify the payment of fair and proper wages. We also specify how we will apply surplus funds and distribute assets on dissolution (articles 5, 56, 62 and 65). See records at Companies House

When was Biosample Hub founded?

Biosample Hub’s incorporation date is the 12th March 2020. 

What are Biosample Hub's main goals?
  • To help biotech companies find reliable samples from reliable sources
  • To help academic biobanks align their services with the needs of industry

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