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Why this service is needed

All of us are dependent on pharma and biotech companies to provide us with drugs, diagnostics and vaccines. This is only possible if these companies have efficient access to biospecimens, most of which originate in the public sector.

Biosample Hub is the first not-for-profit online platform that allows biospecimen providers in the public sector (eg. academic biobanks) to meet and connect with requesters from biotech and pharma companies.

FAQ: Why 'not-for-profit'?

It is widely believed that for ethical reasons, “human tissue should be acquired and supplied through non-commercial procedures”. Nuffield Council on Bioethics, 1995

Traceability concerns

Biospecimen traceability (provenance) may be an issue where samples are sourced by intermediaries. Traceability is obviously maximised if there is free and direct communication between requester and the original biobank provider. Allowing this free and direct communication is a central feature of Biosample Hub.

Alternative routes for some

Many companies depend on commercial intermediaries to source biospecimens. The alternative is to source biospecimens directly, but this is not always easy.

Larger companies may have teams of dedicated sample procurement staff who can source biospecimens direct from hospitals and biobanks.

Unfortunately, smaller companies (SMEs) do not have this advantage.


Directory difficulties

Biobank directories help requesters to find suitable biospecimen providers.

However, biobank directories are not always easy for non-specialists to use. They may contain incomplete information and may be slow to update.

Another problem is that in many cases, biobank directories do not specify whether a biobank is willing to work with industry. Listing in a public biobank directory may be obligatory. So it does not necessarily indicate an interest in outreach.

The Biosample Hub solution

Biosample Hub helps industry requesters to find non-commercial providers for biospecimen access.

It facilitates the match-making process, providing significant advantages over standard biobank directories, as explained in the next section (Key features of Biosample Hub).

Key features of Biosample Hub

Biosample Hub enables the providers and requesters of biospecimens to accurately identify suitable partners. The protected environment of our platform encourages free and direct communication between providers and requesters, with all the ethical and scientific benefits that this brings. No contract is required between Biosample Hub and either providers or requesters. So there are no contractual restrictions for users of this platform.

Our customer focus

Biosample Hub is intended to support two specific groups:

(1) Requesters doing research in biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies who need biospecimen access.

(2) Providers from non-commercial organisations like academic biobanks and hospitals. These providers must obviously want to provide biospecimens to requesters from biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies.

Biosample Hub is not restricted to human biological samples. So requesters and providers of animal, plant, microbial and environmental samples are all included.

Biosample Hub provides its service globally, with requesters and providers based around the world.

Directories on our platform

There is a directory of providers (a biobank directory) so that requesters can contact providers. This directory is carefully designed to be user-friendly and allow efficient searches as described on the Platform page. Also, by virtue of the fact that participation on this platform is voluntary and directed toward supplying industry requesters, 100% of providers listed in our biobank directory should be willing to work with industry.

There is also a directory of requesters (companies) which is a unique feature. One advantage is that this allow providers (eg biobanks) to take the initiative and contact companies that look interesting. Another advantage is that providers can see the kind of biosamples that are in demand. As a result, providers can adjust their offerings and collection strategies.

To facilitate the matching of providers and requesters, the two directories have been joined to create a combined directory that can be searched either for providers or requesters.

Users can update their own directory entries whenever they wish and to do so in real-time.

Additional resources on our platform

Additional features of the platform include:

Noticeboard: where specific requests for biospecimens can be posted. These requests are also circulated to potential providers both on an off the platform.

Discussion Forum: for biospecimen providers, so that they can exchange advice on issues like cost-recovery fees.

Resource Centre: providing useful information and tools to support industry-academia collaboration and biospecimen access.

The platform will be developed continuously and more features will be added with time.

Ethical principles we follow

The platform is run by a not-for-profit company which provides financial transparency. This is in line with the widely held belief that “human tissue should be acquired and supplied through non-commercial procedures”. Nuffield Council on Bioethics, 1995

The platform facilitates biosample traceability, so that providers who are the custodians of biospecimens can vouch for their eventual destination and use.

Protections in place

The platform is password protected and all the user organisations have been vetted to ensure that they are bona fide and that they are accurately represented in the directories.

Email addresses are not displayed on this platform. Contact is made via a messaging system. 

All the benefits

All the benefits for providers (eg. academic biobanks) are described here: Provider benefits

All the benefits for requesters (eg. pharma and biotech companies) are described here: Requester benefits

All the benefits for patients are described here: Patient benefits

For Companies

Most requesters using this platform will be researchers working in biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies who need biospecimens for their research to develop new drugs, diagnostics and vaccines. The platform enables requesters to procure biospecimens from academic biobanks and other non-commercial biosample suppliers.

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For Biobanks

Biospecimen providers using this platform will belong to non-commercial and academic biobanks. These biobanks will not only comprise human biological samples, but also animal, plant, microbe and environmental samples.

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How The Platform Works

The Biosample Hub platform includes firstly, a directory of biosample providers. Secondly, a directory of industry requesters. These directories have been joined to create a combined directory that facilitates matching of providers and requesters. Thirdly, a requests noticeboard and finally, a discussion forum. Together these components allow requesters and providers to make direct contact. This allows biospecimens and associated information to be transferred  rapidly and with maximum traceability.

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For Patients

Patients who donate their samples for medical research, want their samples to be used productively and appropriately. Biosample Hub helps to ensure that these expectations are met, by (1) improving biobank discoverability and (2) improving sample traceability. 

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