Member Testimonials

“Biosample Hub is the easiest way to contact companies all over the world, gives our biobank international visibility

Nerea Martínez Magunacelaya, IDIVAL Biobank, Spain

“BioSample Hub plays a critical role in connecting with biobank worldwide. I particularly appreciate the nice design and the intuitiveness of the platform”

Ninon Guichard, Galapagos, France

“We have supported the BIOSAMPLE HUB project since its start since we think that a worldwide platform of reliable and ethically sourced clinical samples is urgently needed”

Stefano Palea, Humana Biosciences S.A.S., France

“BIOSAMPLE HUB is an accelerator and represents for the Tumorothèque de Picardie a real opportunity”

Riad Tebbakha, Tumorothèque de Picardie, France

“I was attracted to this proposal because of its transparency with the biobanks which is often lost with other platforms”

Anonymous, Biotech Company, UK

“PATH Biobank has been a member from the very beginning. We particularly like the idea of a transparent communication structure”

Stephanie Torkler, PATH Biobank, Germany

“Biosample Hub assists beneficial collaborations between industry and academia through its intuitive platform which connects groups in a fair and transparent manner”. 

Liam Burke-Masterson, Genuity Science, Ireland

“One of the biggest difficulty for academic biobank is to reach out for bioindustries who are in need of samples. BioSample Hub offers the perfect solution for that matter and we are glad to count on such service”

Anthony Terra, Hospices Civils de Lyon, France

“We valued the speed and transparency of the platform and plan on harnessing the network for future sample acquisition efforts”

James Sietstra, Totient, USA

“Biosample Hub is a user-friendly platform which enables to showcase different biobank profiles and collaborative research which will allow scientific breakthrough in the field of precision Medicine”

Gouri Mahajan, Biobank Mississippi, USA

What Is Biosample Hub?

Biosample Hub is a not-for-profit, purpose-driven company and a social enterprise that provides member services through an innovative online platform.

  • Mission: To connect Biotech Companies with Academic Biobanks to allow ethical provision of reliable clinical samples.
  • Vision: A global movement uniting Biotechs and Biobanks for shared benefit.
  • Values: Free communication | Sample traceability | Not-for-profit


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Global Membership

Biosample Hub is an expanding global network of biobanks and companies. At last count there were approximately 40 biobank members. These are indicated on the map above.

Translated guides can be accessed by clicking on the links below:

How Companies Benefit

Major benefits for companies include:

(1) Submit an unlimited number of sample requests.

(2) Access a large and diverse network of academic biobanks where 100% of members want to work with industry.

(3) Direct contact with the biobank of origin, which improves sample provenance information.

(4) Financial transparency provided by a not-for-profit company.

(5) Freedom from contractual restrictions.

(6) An innovative, user-friendly platform.

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How Academic Biobanks Benefit

Major benefits for academic biobanks include:

(1) Visibility of sample collections and services to industry.

(2) Direct contact with the end-user, which allows for sample traceability.

(3) No membership fee for academic biobanks:  a free and ethical service provided by a not-for-profit company.

(4) Freedom from contractual restrictions.

(5) An innovative, user-friendly platform.

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How Patients Benefit

Major benefits for patients include:

(1) The ability to support industry development of new drugs, diagnostics and vaccines.

(2) An increased chance that donated samples will be used for research and not stored indefinitely.

(3) Improved traceability of donated samples.

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How Our Platform Works

Strengths of the  Biosample Hub platform include:

(1) Interlinked directories of biobanks, companies and sample requests that allow dynamic interaction of members.

(2) A password-protected environment in which known members interact.

(3) A user-friendly system that allows each organisation to edit and update its directory entry.

(4) Regular updates and alerts to all platform members.

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