Access to a Vast Range of Samples

Access to a Global Network of 80+ Academic Biobanks

Mission – Vision – Values

Mission: To connect Biotechs and Biobanks directly, for sample sharing with traceability

Vision: A global movement uniting Biotechs with non-commercial Biobanks

Values: Free communication | Sample traceability | Not-for-profit

Company Testimonials

Company testimonials in full

“BioSampleHub has been invaluable for us. It is so easy to use and we have established connections that were only possible to find within the hub. Response rates have also been great. I would highly recommend signing up”. Karin Schmitt, Mursla Bio, UK

“Biosample Hub helps us to get in contact with biobanks efficiently, which is very important for our company with a focus on biomarker discovery”. Jan Tkac, Glycanostics Ltd, Slovakia

“Biosample Hub has been a great for us. The platform is very efficient and enables identification and connection to relevant sources and collaborators for human specimens. Outside of the platform, the team is very knowledgeable, provides seminars and learning resources, and is eager to help members manually with difficult scenarios”. Andreas Zembrzycki, SciNeuro, USA

“Biosample Hub has been very helpful in reaching out to biorepositories around the world. Good patient samples and associated data are not easy to source and Biosample Hub has really helped us speed up the sourcing process. They have also put in a personal touch by reaching out directly themselves to organizations in their network known to have relevant samples. Overall we are very happy with the Biosample Hub support that will help us validate and certify our product that much faster”. Egbert Smit, MLA Diagnostics BV,  The Netherlands

“We have supported the Biosample Hub project since its start since we think that a worldwide platform of reliable and ethically sourced clinical samples is urgently needed”. Stefano Palea, Humana Biosciences S.A.S., France.

“Biosample Hub assists beneficial collaborations between industry and academia through its intuitive platform which connects groups in a fair and transparent manner”. Liam Burke-Masterson, Genuity Science, Ireland.

“Biosample Hub provides an essential missing link between biotech researchers and medical sites/non-commercial biobanks – as a biotech scientist, I appreciate how it gives me access to a much wider range of potential biosamples vs. the usual mix of commercial providers”. Anonymous researcher, South SF, CA.

“We valued the speed and transparency of the platform and plan on harnessing the network for future sample acquisition efforts”.  James Sietstra, Totient, USA.

“BioSample Hub plays a critical role in connecting with biobank worldwide. I particularly appreciate the nice design and the intuitiveness of the platform”. Ninon Guichard, Galapagos, France.

Biobank Testimonials

Biobank testimonials in full

Biosample Hub is an accelerator and represents for the Tumorothèque de Picardie a real opportunity”. Riad Tebbakha, Tumorothèque de Picardie, France.

“Biosample Hub is the easiest way to contact companies all over the world, gives our biobank international visibility”. Nerea Martínez Magunacelaya, IDIVAL Biobank, Spain.

“PATH Biobank has been a member from the very beginning. We particularly like the idea of a transparent communication structure”. Stephanie Torkler, PATH Biobank, Germany.

“One of the biggest difficulty for academic biobank is to reach out for bioindustries who are in need of samples. Biosample Hub offers the perfect solution for that matter and we are glad to count on such service”. Anthony Terra, Hospices Civils de Lyon, France.

“Biosample Hub is a user-friendly platform which enables to showcase different biobank profiles and collaborative research which will allow scientific breakthrough in the field of precision Medicine”. Gouri Mahajan, Biobank Mississippi, USA.

How Companies Benefit

  • Direct contact with a large network of non-commercial biobanks.
  • 100% of the biobanks want to work with industry
  • 75% of the biobanks provide prospective collection
  • You can access reliable human biospecimens with provenance
  • No contractual restrictions
  • Financial transparency
  • Platform is simple to use
  • Free attendance at all Biosample Hub conferences and meetings
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How Biobanks Benefit

  • We place you in direct contact with biotech companies 
  • We introduce you to more biotech companies
  • We encourage free communication which helps traceability
  • We provide a free service
  • You are free from ethical concerns
  • You are free from contractual restrictions
  • You have free attendance at all Biosample Hub conferences and events
  • Our platform is free and easy to use
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is Biosample Hub not-for-profit?

Biosample Hub serves not-for-profit biobanks. So being not-for-profit is in keeping with this role.

In addition, there are strong arguments for organising procurement of human biospecimens along non-commercial lines. These arguments are given in the following document. Nuffield Council on BioEthics entitled ‘Human tissue: ethical and legal issues’. See pages 50 to 53.

Furthermore, commercial interests often lead to reduced sample traceability. This has ethical and scientific consequences. Hofman et al, 2017.

What does not-for-profit mean?

Biosample Hub is a company limited by guarantee, without share capital. So we have no shareholders. Moreover, in the articles of incorporation, we specify the payment of fair and proper wages. We also specify how we will apply surplus funds and distribute assets on dissolution (articles 5, 56, 62 and 65). See records at Companies House

Where is Biosample Hub?

Biosample Hub is global in its operations. It connects providers and requesters of human biospecimens from around the world. Members of Biosample Hub are from North and South America, Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Australasia. 

Biosample Hub is a not-for-profit company, registered in the UK.

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