For Companies: Access To Human Biospecimens With Provenance

Biosample Hub gives companies access to a large network of biobanks.  Furthermore, 100% of these biobanks want to work with industry and provide human tissue sample for research. There are two reasons for this: (a) because this is the platform’s purpose, and (b) membership is voluntary. Companies make direct contact with biobanks through the platform. Most importantly, this direct contact means that companies can be more confident about sample provenance. Another key point is that the platform is simple and straightforward to use. In addition, there is a reasonable 12-month subscription fee for platform access. Moreover, Biosample Hub provides complete financial transparency and freedom from contractual restrictions.

For Biobanks: Direct Access To Industry

Biosample Hub makes biobanks visible to industry, through its simple and appealing platform. The platform also enables biobanks to contact companies directly, to discuss provision of human tissue samples for research. What’s more, the service is free of charge. Furthermore, it provides freedom from ethical concerns. As has been noted above, Biosample Hub offers complete financial transparency. In addition it allows full traceability of samples. Another key point is that the service is free of any contractual restrictions.

For Patients: Donated Tissue Samples Are Put To Good Use

Patients expect that researchers will use the tissue samples they donate for medical research. Significantly, Biosample Hub helps to ensure that patient expectations are met in two main ways:

(1) Improved biobank discoverability by companies that research new drugs, diagnostics, and vaccines. Accordingly, this results in less wastage of donated samples.

(2) Improved sample traceability that enables biobank staff to track the samples they provide. As a result, donors can have greater confidence that researchers will use their samples appropriately.

A match-making platform to promote ethical access to human biospecimens: mission, vision and values

Mission: Improve Access To Human Biospecimens

Mission: To connect Biotech and Pharma companies with non-commercial Biobanks, allowing the ethical provision of reliable human biospecimens with full provenance information

Vision: A global movement uniting Biotechs and Pharma with non-commercial Biobanks

Values: Free communication | Sample traceability | Not-for-profit

Global Access To Human Biospecimens

Biosample Hub is an expanding global network of biobanks and companies. At last count, there were approximately 55 biobank members and 30 company members.

Translated guides:

Suppliers of human biospecimens from around the world

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is Biosample Hub not-for-profit?

Biosample Hub serves not-for-profit biobanks. So being not-for-profit is in keeping with this role.

In addition, there are strong arguments against organising procurement of human biospecimens along commercial lines. These arguments are given in the following document. Nuffield Council on BioEthics entitled ‘Human tissue: ethical and legal issues’. See pages 50 to 53.

Furthermore, commercial interests often lead to reduced sample traceability. It is important to realise that this has ethical and scientific consequences. Hofman et al, 2017.

What does not-for-profit mean?

Biosample Hub is a company limited by guarantee, without share capital. So we have no shareholders. Moreover, in the articles of incorporation, we specify the payment of fair and proper wages. We also specify how we will apply surplus funds and distribute assets on dissolution (articles 5, 56, 62 and 65). See records at Companies House.

How is Biosample Hub sustained financially?

The annual subscriptions paid by company members provide the necessary funding.

What is the geographic scope of Biosample Hub?

Biosample Hub is global in its operations and connects providers and requesters of human biospecimens from around the world. Accordingly, members are from North and South America, Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Australasia.

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