For Patients

We help ensure that donated samples are used appropriately

What Sample Donors Expect

People donate tissue samples for biobanking in the belief they will help medical research. Unfortunately, most donated samples remain in storage facilities forever.  The under-use of biospecimens is a practical and ethical challenge.

Donors also expect biobanks who collect their samples to ensure their appropriate use. The biobank’s role as custodian is vital, and sample traceability must be ensured to verify the eventual use of the samples.

How We Support Donor Interests

Biosample Hub helps biobanks to make full use of their samples. It does this by increasing biobank discoverability, making it easier for company requesters to find suitable biobanks. So biobanks can supply more samples to more requesters.

We also support sample traceability, by placing biobanks and companies in direct contact with each other. This helps the biobank identify the end-user of samples.

Ways We Help

Biobank Discoverability

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Our biobank directory makes industry-friendly biobanks more discoverable for biotech and pharma companies. Unlike other directories, 100% of the biobanks in our directory want to work with industry. This is because joining Biosample Hub is voluntary, and for the sole purpose of working with industry.

Biosample Traceability

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A central feature of the Biosample Hub platform is direct communication between biobanks and companies. Biobanks using the platform speak directly to end-users of human tissue samples. This communication improves sample tracking. As a result, the biobank can make sure about the appropriate use of their samples.