Platform Description

A unique directory system


Biosample Hub includes these components:

  • Requester Directory: contains the organisation name and the disease types of interest.
  • Provider Directory: contains the organisation name and the disease types represented in the collection.
  • To facilitate the matching of Requesters and Providers, the two directories have been combined.
  • Request Noticeboard: gives details of specific biospecimen procurement requests, with full details including inclusion and exclusion criteria.
  • Discussion Forum: allows requesters and providers to discuss biospecimen procurement issues.
  • Information Resource: provides useful information and links to other online resources.

Directory Design

The directory have been designed to be user-friendly and to optimise search efficiency. For both data entry and for searching, the disease names must be chosen from a searchable dropdown list which is based on a simplified version of ICD-10. The directory allows the user to enter an unlimited number of ‘disease strengths’ (ie. diseases well represented in a collection or biobank)

Users can search the directory for either providers or requesters, they can search by country and city, and they can filter by general disease scope, by specific disease focus and other features if required. For each organisation there is a Google map showing location. Individuals can claim their organisation’s listing and modify as required.

The directory has a flexible design which allows for additional features like the following to be added:

  • an endorsements module
  • a multi-lingual translation module


Requesters can email providers listed in the Provider Directory and vice versa. We also have a messaging system that allows users to contact each other without the need to know email addresses.  We also have the option of using a system for providing endorsements (similar to the system on LinkedIn) in which recipients of endorsements will have the choice of whether to display them or not.


The Biosample Hub platform is password protected and all users have been checked to ensure that they represent bona fide organisations that are accurately represented on the platform. So any communications received on the platform should only come from organisations that have been vetted.