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What does the free trial include?
  • The free trial offers a hands-on experience with our platform’s connection and support features.
  • It includes the submission of a single request for samples. The request form is at the bottom of this page. You can submit this form right now.
  • It also includes platform access. When we receive your request, we will send you login details so that you can access our platform and view selected resources.
  • Note: The trial does not include access to our biobank directory. Instead, it focuses on demonstrating the ease of connecting with biosample suppliers and the personalized support available.
What happens after I submit the form?

When you submit your request, the relevant details (minus your contact details and company name) will be shared with members of Biosample Hub. Once a biobank expresses interest, we will be in contact with you. You will have the opportunity to make direct contact with the biobank to discuss. You will also be free to work with them if you wish.


What if I need help?

Our support team is here to help. Just Contact Us

Why is this service free?

The trial is free to demonstrate our platform’s value. It allows you to assess the system without any risk or obligation. 

How many requests can I submit?

The trial includes one free sample request.

What clinical data is available?

This varies from biobank to biobank. So you can state your required information in the request form, and/or discuss later with the biobank.

Will you have the samples I need?

The chances are good since we have a diverse biobank network of around 100 non-commercial biobanks. Having said that, some requests are easier than others. If you would like to discuss your needs, Contact Us

How much detail should I give on the request?

Provide essential information; you can discuss details later.

What are the restrictions on sample use?

This varies from biobank to biobank. So you can state your intended use in the request form, and/or discuss later with the biobank.

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