Company Access To Human Biospecimens For Research

Biosample Hub provides biotech and pharma companies access to clinical samples / human biospecimens direct from their source. For that reason, we connect companies with biobanks that do the initial collection and processing.

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The annual subscription fee for companies is £1,500 (GBP, British Pounds), which covers a full 12 months from whenever a payment is made. Furthermore, there is a 30% discount for not-for-profit companies. Joining Biosample Hub is very simple. There is no contract to be signed. All you need to do is submit the application form.

Advantages Of Clinical Sample Access Through Biosample Hub

Significant benefits for companies include:

(1) You will know where your biospecimens come from

Direct contact with the source biobank is an essential part of Biosample Hub. The resulting close communication brings many benefits. Most important, it allows for complete provenance data on human biospecimens. It also provides access to scientific and clinical expertise. In addition, it brings access to services like tissue sectioning and staining. Furthermore, contact with the biobank of origin is vital for molecular diagnostics companies that must comply with Regulation (EU) 2017/746 on IVD medical devices.

(2) You will have access to an extensive, diverse network of biobanks

Biosample Hub has a global network of around 40 Academic Biobanks. Significantly, 100% of these biobanks want to provide human biospecimens for industry research. This universal interest is because (a) providing samples to industry is the platform’s sole purpose, and (b) membership is voluntary.

(3) You can have up to ten active biospecimen requests at any one time

These are all posted on the platform. In addition, they are directed to suitable biobanks both on and off the platform.

(4) The platform for clinical sample access is straightforward and easy to use

This platform has many innovative features to facilitate connection with suitable biobanks. Furthermore, there is continuing development of the platform to improve its performance. For details, see the Platform Page.

(5) The annual subscription fee is reasonably priced

We decided on the fee after careful consultation with industry experts.  It is in keeping with the not-for-profit status of Biosample Hub.

(6) There is financial transparency

A not-for-profit company runs the platform without any shareholders. Accordingly, we reinvest any financial surpluses into the company. It is essential to realise that any transactions between the company and the biobank must occur independently of the platform. Biosample Hub does not charge any commission.

(7) There is freedom from contractual restrictions

No contract is required to use the platform. Consequently, there is no hassle and no contractual restrictions.


Want To Find Out More?

Demos of the Biosample Hub platform are provided on a one-to-one basis and involve Zoom calls with screen-sharing. If you are interested, then request a demo …

Testimonials From Company Members

“We have supported the Biosample Hub project since its start since we think that a worldwide platform of reliable and ethically sourced clinical samples is urgently needed”. Stefano Palea, Humana Biosciences S.A.S., France.

“Biosample Hub assists beneficial collaborations between industry and academia through its intuitive platform which connects groups in a fair and transparent manner”. Liam Burke-Masterson, Genuity Science, Ireland.

“I was attracted to this proposal because of its transparency with the biobanks which is often lost with other platforms”. Anonymous, Biotech Company, UK.

“Biosample Hub provides an essential missing link between biotech researchers and medical sites/non-commercial biobanks – as a biotech scientist, I appreciate how it gives me access to a much wider range of potential biosamples vs. the usual mix of commercial providers”. Anonymous researcher, South SF, CA.

“We valued the speed and transparency of the platform and plan on harnessing the network for future sample acquisition efforts”.  James Sietstra, Totient, USA.

“BioSample Hub plays a critical role in connecting with biobank worldwide. I particularly appreciate the nice design and the intuitiveness of the platform”. Ninon Guichard, Galapagos, France.

Industry scientists need access to human biospecimens for research