For Hospital Biobanks & Biorepositories

Non-commercial biobanks get free access to the Biosample Hub platform. 

Benefits of Joining

Biosample Hub offers many benefits to hospital biobanks.

(1) We place you in direct contact with biotech companies

On the Biosample Hub platform companies and biobanks can find each other and get in direct contact. Biosample Hub staff will also introduce you when needed. For example, if a biotech company submits a sample request and we think you can help, then we will let you know. Direct communication brings many benefits – it is easier to make arrangements like setting up prospective collections. It is also easier to understand each other’s needs. Direct communication is appreciated by biobankers, who need to know where samples are going for ethical reasons. It is also appreciated by biotech researchers who need to know where samples have come from (ie. sample provenance).

(2) We introduce you to more biotech companies

Biosample Hub has an active marketing campaign on social media, reaching out to biotech companies around the world. So we can bring you into contact with many biotechs you have not encountered before.

(3) We provide a free service

There are no charges for hospital biobanks, tumour banks and other non-commercial biorepositories.

(4) You are free from ethical concerns

A not-for-profit company runs the Biosample Hub platform, and it provides complete financial transparency. In addition, the platform puts biobanks and companies in direct contact. Consequently, the provider knows the identity of the end-user. This enables full sample traceability. Altogether, these features offer freedom from ethical concerns.

(5) You are free from contractual restrictions

The biobank does not need to sign any contract with Biosample Hub. So there is less hassle. Furthermore, there are no contractual restrictions.

(6) You have free attendance at all Biosample Hub conferences and events

Biosample Hub organises frequent online conferences and other events. Some are public, others are members-only. Members attend all these events free of charge.

(7) Our platform is free and easy to use

Our platform is user-friendly, has many innovative features, and undergoes continuous improvement. For details, see the Platform Page.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is any payment required for biobanks to join?

No, biobanks do not pay any fee to join. Furthermore, there are no fees for using the platform.

Do we need to sign a contract to join?

No, you do not need to sign a contract to join Biosample Hub. In fact, all you need to do is observe the terms and conditions provided on the website.

How does a biobank join?

Biobanks need to complete the application form.

What happens next?

After joining, we request some details for your biobank profile on the platform. Hence there is a simple form to complete with less than 20 questions. Subsequently, we create your biobank profile and send you login details.

What should I do if I see an interesting request on the platform?

You simply message the requester. Subsequently, it is your decision when you want to establish email contact.

Is it necessary to use the platform for all my communications with companies of interest?

No, not at all. It is important to realise that the purpose of the platform is to facilitate communication. It is important to realise that you decide how to proceed after finding a suitable company. Moreover, you provide your material transfer agreement. In addition, you decide the cost of your services.

How often do I need to check the platform for new requests?

It is not essential to check the platform regularly. For instance, if we see a request that fits your biobank profile, we will email it immediately. Also, we email a summary of all new requests every month.

My biobank only does prospective collections. Can we join?

Yes! Indeed, prospective collections are vital for many of our requesters.

My biobank only collects liquid samples. Can we join?

Yes, certainly! In fact, liquid samples are often requested.

Can veterinary biobanks join?

Yes, absolutely! Without a doubt, veterinary samples may be valuable to our requesters.

Can commercial biobanks or brokers join?

No, this platform is for non-commercial biobanks only.

Request A Demo

Want to find out more? We provide demos of the Biosample Hub platform on a one-to-one basis for hospital biobanks, tumour banks and tissue biorepositories. These involve Zoom calls with screen-sharing. If you belong to a non-commercial biobank, you are welcome to request a demo. Just click the button …

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We invite non-commercial biobanks to join Biosample Hub free of charge. Please feel free to complete the application form…

Testimonials From Hospital Biobank Members

“Biosample Hub is an accelerator and represents for the Tumorothèque de Picardie a real opportunity”. Riad Tebbakha, Tumorothèque de Picardie, France.

“Biosample Hub is the easiest way to contact companies all over the world, gives our biobank international visibility”. Nerea Martínez Magunacelaya, IDIVAL Biobank, Spain.

“PATH Biobank has been a member from the very beginning. We particularly like the idea of a transparent communication structure”. Stephanie Torkler, PATH Biobank, Germany.

“One of the biggest difficulty for academic biobank is to reach out for bioindustries who are in need of samples. Biosample Hub offers the perfect solution for that matter and we are glad to count on such service”. Anthony Terra, Hospices Civils de Lyon, France.

“Biosample Hub is a user-friendly platform which enables to showcase different biobank profiles and collaborative research which will allow scientific breakthrough in the field of precision Medicine”. Gouri Mahajan, Biobank Mississippi, USA.

The provider may be a hospital biobank, tumor bank or tissue biorepository