New Feedback System For Sample Requests

From December 2023 onwards, you will receive emails requesting feedback on the progress of Sample Requests you have either submitted or responded to. So this applies for both requesters (companies) and providers (biobanks).

Why Your Feedback Matters

Feedback from both providers and requesters is invaluable to optimize the system’s efficiency and ensure timely support. This input is crucial for:

  • Ensuring an adequate response to requests
  • Ensuring that requests are progressing well
  • Identifying any potential issues that may cause delays

In the event of system inefficiencies, there are proactive measures we can take to improve:

  • Expanding outreach to more biobanks on and off the platform on behalf of requesters.
  • Fine-tuning the feedback system with different time delays or tailored questions.
  • Providing guidance on adjusting sample requests for better outcomes.

Your feedback directly influences the effectiveness of the system, allowing us to make informed enhancements for a smoother operation.

Confidentiality & Privacy

Rest assured, feedback from both providers and requesters is treated with the utmost security and confidentiality. It will never be published in any identifiable form, whether on the website or elsewhere. Our feedback system is exclusively designed to enhance and refine the Biosample Hub service, ensuring that your valuable insights contribute directly to the ongoing improvement of our platform.


We’ve streamlined our feedback system to minimize the administrative burden on our users. Now, providing feedback is as easy as 1-2-3—literally! With just three simple mouse clicks, you can share your valuable insights. We believe in making your experience as effortless as possible while ensuring that your feedback plays a crucial role in enhancing the Biosample Hub service.

How it Works

We utilize SurveyMonkey for our feedback system, ensuring a seamless process for both providers and requesters. When you receive the feedback link, custom variables are embedded in the URL. These include a unique 4-number request code and your email address. The beauty of this system is that you don’t need to log in—simply click on the link.

Your responses are automatically recorded in a secure spreadsheet. This spreadsheet, accessible only to the Admin, serves as a comprehensive tool to efficiently track the progress of all requests. It enables us to analyze and address feedback promptly, contributing to the continuous improvement of the Biosample Hub service.

Questions & Options

The same question is asked of both providers and requesters:  What is the status of the request?

The options for Providers are:

  • Waiting for a reply to my message
  • The requester has replied to my message
  • A feasibility assessment is in progress at my biobank
  • Awaiting access committee approval
  • Awaiting ethics committee or IRB approval
  • Awaiting completion of an MTA
  • Supply has started
  • Supply has been completed
  • On hold
  • Cancelled
  • Something else

The options for Requesters are:

  • No biobanks showing interest
  • Awaiting biobank decision
  • Supply started
  • Supply has been completed
  • On hold
  • Cancelled
  • Something else

For both Providers and Requesters, there is also the option to provide a comment.


For Biobanks / Providers:

  • Biobank representatives that give the most feedback have the option of being credited on the members’ website.
  • Public recognition of the top-performing biobanks will be based on information provided through the feedback system
  • Your feedback ensures that you get support when you need it. For example, if there are communication difficulties, we will help.
  • Your feedback helps the general development of this platform

For Companies / Requesters:

  • Your feedback ensures that you get support when you need it. If progress is slow, measures will be taken to speed things up
  • Your feedback helps the general development of this platform