Sourcing Human Biospecimens Conference Summary

This online conference is intended specifically for pharma and biotech researchers. The focus will be on the ethical procurement of clinical samples from hospital biobanks and other not-for-profit sources.

Attendance will be free of charge for Biosample Hub members.

Topics will include:

  • Strategies for sourcing human biospecimens and developing a biobank network
  • What a biobank wants: the potential conditions for biospecimen supply
  • Cost recovery models for academic biobanks and sample pricing considerations
  • Factors affecting sample delivery time: where delays may occur
  • Designing a Material Transfer Agreement
  • The logistics of sample collection in a hospital setting: who collects what, where, and when?
  • Biobank quality standards: what do they mean for the industry requester?
  • Regulations for import and export of samples (including export of samples from EU to USA)
  • Success stories in academia/industry collaboration

The conference will include break-out sessions and a virtual expo. Webinars and panel discussions will feature biobankers, biotech scientists, clinicians, and pathologists. Also, don’t miss your chance to influence the content of the conference!  Just complete the following 4-question mini-survey:

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