Support for biospecimen access

Covid-19 Biospecimens

In response to the Covid-19 crisis, biotech and pharma companies need to find biospecimens and associated information from Covid-19 patients without delay, for the development of  drugs, diagnostics and vaccines. Placing these companies in direct contact with suitable academic biobanks and hospital providers will help communication and facilitate research.

Non-commercial biosample providers that want to connect with industry researchers seeking materials from Covid-19 infected patients are invited to join Biosample Hub.

Industry researchers that want to connect with non-commercial biosample providers to obtain materials from Covid-19 infected patients are also invited to join Biosample Hub.

Other Points Of Contact

The following centres also provide support for requesters and providers of Covid-19 biospecimens:

International Safety Guidelines

Please check your national/local regulations and guidelines for working with materials that are potentially infected with Covid-19. These may vary. The following guidelines may be applicable in your country/region:

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Providing Covid-19 Links To Biosample Hub

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